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"...Happily Ever After"

"Thank you again for everything today. It was so great and everyone couldn't get over what a great job Cinderella did!"


"Fairy Godmother's Princess Team was the finishing touch to make my event extra special. Not only was Elsa fabulous with all the kids, but the epitome of professional. When asking the kids what their favorite part of the pageant was, they all answered seeing Elsa! The kids couldn't stop talking about their visit. If you want to put a smile on a child's face, Fairy Godmother's Princess Team is the one to do it!"


"Thank you so much for making my daughter's special day extra special at school. Elsa really surprised my daughter and her teacher when she came. Fairy Godmother, your team is superb and very good with children. It was also very kind of Elsa to bring my daughter a gift for her birthday. Thank you again and I hope to be calling you soon for more wishes to come true." 


"Thank you Queen Elsa for a wonderful makeover session! The girls were surprised and enjoyed your visit very much. My little Bella went around the house pointing the wand she got from the fabulous treat bags and saying 'bibbity bobbity boo'... and as we were driving I heard my niece say 'I can't believe I got to meet Elsa.' You were absolutely fabulous with them and all your little tidbits on your fellow princesses were great! We would definitely recommend you to anyone!"


"Hi Queen Elsa. Thank you for gracing my little princess's birthday. Thank you so much :) You're awesome!! Everybody loved you! Here are some of the pictures. Good luck and hope to see you again!"


"My daughter and her friends were so intrigued and mesmorized with Queen Elsa! She had their full attention for the whole 90 minutes! Wonderful wonderful job. I am extremely happy with everything that was done. Oh, and my son asked today if she would come to his party! Great job Queen Elsa!"


"Elsa made my daughter's birthday so special! She was amazing with the children and kept the magic!"


"The girls had a wonderful time and Elsa was lovely and had activities for the girls the whole time. It made for a very happy birthday girl."



"Thank you so much for visiting Camila Queen Elsa! You made her day! The magic mirror craft was so perfect for her! And the wonderful card and gift! You were so sweet and patient with the little one! A delight!! Highly recommended!!"


"Thank you so much! Aurora was amazing! I can't believe the power she had to keep that many kids engaged."


"My daughter just had her 6th birthday party with Barbie herself! Great time for all the girls. Barbie had them entertained and even had time to read them a story and do a fashion runway walk. Amazing work keeping 9 girls attention spans! Will definitely book another party soon! Also, Sophia wanted me to let Barbie know thank you so much for the present!! She loved her Barbie and it was very generous of you all to add that as the gift. Sophia was enthralled with it all, especially the runway strut. Once again, thank you for a beautiful party!"


"The party was great! Ariel was amazing! Thanks so much for helping make Catalina's birthday a memorable one. We absolutely loved this experience, and so did she! Thanks again!"



"Thank you so much! My Katie really loved her party! When she is being naughty I remind her about her princess manners! Loved it!"


"You girls were amazing!! My daughter is still talking about her real fairy dust in her hair you got from Tinkerbell! Thanks for a memorable evening last night at girl guides!"


"My daughter loved her party. It was perfect! Thank you so much. See you next year!"


"The visit went very well and I was really impressed with Ariel's focus on Chloe! Chloe was absolutely fascinated! I'm sure she wanted Ariel to stay forever! Chloe tried on all her gifts and wanted a bath so she could play with the fountain! We all thank you very much for this visit and the gifts! I can't say enough good things! Thank you!!"


"Molly and her friends had a fabulous time at Beauty Bootcamp. Thank you so much Jenn. You were amazing!"


"Fiona and her friends had an amazing time with Anna yesterday. The girls were over the moon with Anna and could not tell her enough times how much they loved her. Thank you for coming and making Fiona's 6th birthday party extra special."


"Kylie had so much fun today! I think she and all of her classmates were in shock! She is still talking about it!"


"Rapunzel came and visited with 45 kids at the Niton Library! It was an amazing morning. Manners are always nice to teach and hearing them from a Princess makes them fun. Rapunzel was so nice to each child that I would recommend her services to anyone! The idea to get each child to compliment someone is well thought out and the happiness on each kids face was wonderful!"


"I wanted to let you all know that Ariel did an amazing job for Alysiana's 4th birthday! We have enjoyed meeting so many princesses over the years and I can not say enough good things about your company and how professional you have all been. The fact that you make every single child smile and feel special, that you take the time to listen to their stories and teach them little lessons that they don't even realize you are teaching, that you keep them all so captivated for such a long period of time, are all a testament to how truly special you all are. 

We look forward meeting all of your princesses over the next few years. I will continue to sing your praises! The photos really do show how much the girls loved having Ariel around. Honestly just let her know how truly grateful I am to how she made Alysiana's and my Sophia feel so special at their parties. Every time I see them smile at a memory it really and truly makes me cry. They are my world and you and your team have helped me give them back some of the love they've shown me."


"Thank you so much for sending the lovely Queen Elsa to Eva's party. She did an amazing job. Especially given the fact the guests were so young. It was a little hectic but she was so good with all the kids. She was great at reading her audience and just going with the flow. Eva got shy when some of the dads came and Queen Elsa was very sensitive to the situation. That was so appreciated. Eva has been talking about the princess all day. She made her birthday so special. Thanks again. I will be recommending her to my friends."


"I first saw them at another birthday party and could not wait to have them for my little girl when she was old enough. My daughter just celebrated her 4th birthday and she can not stop talking about the princesses who came and made her feel so incredibly special. You can not buy that kind of happiness and this team did such an amazing job. I watched as Queen Elsa and Princess Anna took 19 kids and did activities and crafts and took pictures and literally captivate all of the kids. The boys (as much as they protested at first) were into it as well! The other parents who attended kept commenting on what a brilliant idea it was but more so commented on what an unbelievable job this team did  for the party. I would have them over again, and again, and  again. This team will be my recommendation for everyone I know who has a special little girl

to celebrate. Thank you for making my daughter feel like the belle of the ball. She is so happy!"











"Elyssa had an amazing time with Rapunzel! It was such a great event! I loved all of it and my daughter and her friends had a blast becoming little princesses and Rapunzel was amazing! She never missed a beat! So amazing! Thank you so much. I would highly recommend you to anyone! Thank you again!"











"Thanks so much! We had a wonderful party and Belle was fantastic and totally made my little girls day. We are so glad we had her join us!"


"I love that Elsa gave so much attention to my daughter. It made her feel very special but at the same time she didn't leave any of the children out. Even though some children were shy to come to the table she came to them and they got to participate in a way that was comfortable for them. My husband and I were very happy about that. I think Elsa was great how she stayed in character and talked to the children the whole time. There was never a time were the children had to wait for the next activity. They all flowed very nicely. Elsa was great, I was very impressed. I loved that she stayed in character the whole time and wasn't distracted by all the other noise and adults."


"Princess Evelina turned 3 years old and her favorite Queen Elsa was invited. She showed up promptly and was amazing with 8 girls. The princesses in training got  a  little  bit  of  makeup  done, along  with  their  nails. Then they did a few crafts that were essential to being a princess and they learned some princess lessons that were told through storytelling. Queen Elsa stayed in character and at one point when a princess in training was squeezing an Elsa balloon she exclaimed 'please don't pop me!', entertaining the kids and adults. Evelina got a little more attention and she soaked it all up, which made her a very happy birthday girl! She absolutely loved it!"


"It was wonderful - thank you! Anna was so great with the kids! Savanna had so much fun. We will definitely recommend you to others!"


"I would like to send HUGE thank you's to Rapunzel and Belle!! I am extremely happy with our experience with your team. The princesses were absolutely phenomenal. All of the children enjoyed themselves and the family that we had over couldn't stop talking about how well everything was done. Thank you very much for such a wonderful experience. I have passed your information onto a few of the guests that were here as they had some questions and I will definitely be keeping your info for future parties. Thank you again for the wonderful experience. I have nothing but good things to say regarding your team and your company!! Our daughter was stunned when Rapunzel and Belle walked in, she is still talking about them!"


"We had Aurora come for a princess tea party for my daughter's 5th birthday. She was amazing! The children were in awe of her! The adults were so impressed that she got everything done in the time frame for 10 kids (including a couple younger ones). My daughter said it was the best birthday ever!"


"I would like to thank you so much for providing Cinderella for our event today. She was absolutely phenomenal and the children loved her. She was so professional and played a perfect Cinderella. She was by far the talk of the event. Thank you again."


"We booked Cinderella for our event on May 28th, and she was so beautiful and caring with all the children! Her dress was fabulous! I will be for sure booking Cinderella again in the future! Thank you Fairy Godmother's Princess Team!"


"We had Rapunzel and Aurora come to my daughters birthday today and they were awesome! The kids had a great time and I was really impressed at their running theatrical commentary throughout the event. They were so great with the kids and they were here right on time."


"We had Ariel come to my daughters 5th birthday!! When my daughter saw her, she was shocked but super excited! We were impressed with how Ariel took care of the kids and the pictures of all of them turned out great! Ariel felt at home in the sea, when she entered the kitchen full of decorations. To this day, it's all I hear about - how Ariel showed up to her birthday and made it the best birthday ever! Thanks again Fairy Godmother, I will definitely invite you guys to our future birthdays!"


"We had Aurora and Ariel come to my daughter's party and they more than exceeded my expectations. They arrived completely in character and stayed that way the entire time. The children were fully engaged with every activity they provided and they listened intently to the princesses stories. They both knew how to keep the children interested and created a magical experience for them all - both girls and boys! I would definitely recommend Fairy Godmother's Princess Team to anyone! Very satisfied with both princesses and the "Princess Essentials" treat bags! It was a perfect day!"


"Cinderella made my daughter and her friends feel like princesses. She certainly made their dreams come true. I will recommend your company to others." 


"Queen Elsa attended my daughter's 6th birthday party. She was absolutely amazing. She captured the girls' attention for the entire time she was there. My daughter and her friends loved her, from the crafts, to the princess lesson, everything was done in such a magical way. I would recommend Fairy Godmother's Princess Team for any birthday if you want your daughter to have a magical birthday. Thanks so much Queen Elsa!"


"Having Belle over at my Sweet 16 as a surprise was an amazing experience! My inner-child almost exploded out of me with excitement when I first saw her come into the door! There were guests of all ages, and Belle definitely knew how to interact with everyone. She even took part in the games, that was so much fun! Thank you again and I hope my aunty books you again!!"



"Thank you so much Queen Elsa. The birthday girls and all their guests absolutely loved having you at our princess party. They loved the make-up and mirror craft. It was an amazing experience. Thank you!"



"Thank you to the wonderful Queen Elsa for attending my daughter Alia's 3rd birthday party. Alia and her fellow princesses really enjoyed it! I would highly recommend Fairy Godmother's Princess Team! Thanks again for your patience with all the excited kiddos!"


"Belle was an absolute hit at today's party! The kids were so entertained and they all felt so special, especially Mia! Thanks for making today so perfect for Mia."


"Thank you so much! Janay I think was a little 'star struck' and my little boy, 19 months, kept saying 'let it go' tonight. I think Elsa made an impression! Thanks again!"


"Thank you again for sending Elsa by!!! You have no idea how much it means this week. I found out Evalie has been bullied at school for the last two months and we have all had a very emotional week. Having a visit from Elsa was very helpful. Thank you!"


"Thank you so much for sending beautiful Queen Elsa to Emerson's party! Emerson and her friends had the most amazing day and are still talking about it!!! She was absolutely wonderful in every way! Thank you again for making her 6th birthday so special."


"We just had our area sparks friendship camp and our theme was Frozen. We had Elsa come out for a visit. From the moment she came through the door the girls were entranced with her. She kept their attention the whole time she was there. They loved her and she was so patient with them. I would definitely have her for a party of any size. In fact I am having her for my daughters birthday in a few months and she is so excited to see her again."


"Thanks a lot for everything. You make our day special, All the kids are happy!"


"I had lots of fun on my birthday. It was very special because Elsa came. We did fun things and learnt some things also. I would love Elsa to come back for my 8th birthday. Thank you Fairy Godmother for making my party very special."


"I just wanted to say thanks. Melena and her friends loved the party. They had so much fun. They all loved the princess dress up and crafts. The girls were so attentive while Elsa was there. I don't think they wanted to miss a minute with her. Thanks again for doing such a wonderful job!"


"Barbie visited my daughter's 6th birthday party today and she was fabulous! All the girls adored her, she was amazing with them and listened to and spoke with them in true Barbie style! One of the little girls just couldn't believe she now has Barbie's phone number. Would totally recommend!"


"Thank you Princess Anna for stopping by at Zoeys 4th birthday party! You totally made her birthday magical & made all her wishes come true! Thank you thank you thank you!"


"Anna and Elsa came to my daughters 5th birthday. They we great with all the girls. Able to keep their attention, and awe for the full 90 minutes! I definitely recommend these ladies! Excellent job!"


"Thank you so much for going out to Stage Stars today. My little one had an amazing time and was so excited to get to meet Ariel. She was so excited to come home and tell Grandma and Grandpa that Princess Ariel crowned her today. She is one happy girl, thank you so much!"


"We had Princess Belle come surprise Kirstin for her 4th birthday and she was so excited to see her! Belle was amazing with the kids and seemed to truly enjoy being there!! I will definitely use Fairy Godmother's Princess Team again! Thank you for making Kirstin's birthday magical!"


"Fairy Godmother's Princess Party was an amazing experience for my Girl Guide sparks group! The girls were beyond shocked and happy to meet Elsa and Anna! Elsa and Anna were both super happy, smiley and interactive with the girls! They honestly made our girls dreams come true! They told them a story and made beautiful magic mirrors! I would definitely recommend this company to anyone who wants a princess experience!Thank you so much for making our girls dreams come true!"


"Princess Belle visited us on Nimrat's 8th birthday party. She was such a gorgeous and wonderful princess indeed. Never came out of her character even for 1 second. The kids had an amazing time and they thoroughly enjoyed Belle's visit."


"The party was great! Thank you for all your help. Although Teagan (and most  of the girls) were shy, they had a lovely time, and Teagan thought it was pretty special to have a real princess at her party. They were actually pretty funny right after Aurora left, they were giddy and super chatty and very silly! 

A very successful birthday party! It's a very cool little business you offer. We especially loved all the things the girls got to take home! The princess essential kits were put together beautifully, and with the mirror plus the certificate - it was a lot of stuff! Teagan gave each of her friends a fresh cut flower on their way out the door just for a personal touch."


"Amazing job today. My daughter had both Elsa and Anna join her to celebrate her 4th birthday. They did a great job to include all the kids, boys and girls, and stayed in character the whole time. Thank you so much."


"My five year old daughter

Aynslee and her friends absolutely adored Queen Elsa. She was very involved with the kids and even had a special way of making the boys feel very special. I would recommend Queen Elsa for any little girl's or little boy's birthday party. Thanks Queen Elsa."











"The party was really great!! Rapunzel did a fantastic job with all the kids, and I was especially pleased with the extra attention she paid to the birthday girl! There were a couple girls that became quite rowdy and she really kept things moving on track!! I certainly would recommend this to other moms!"


"I can't explain how well it went - what fabulous work was done. Everyone at the party was amazed at all the activites Elsa did with the children. I gave Elsa a $20 tip. She was EXCELLENT. Thanks so much Elsa!"


"Princess Anna was punctual, polite, friendly and kind. Everyone was super excited to have her at the birthday party. The girls loved that princess Anna did their makeup and painted their nails! Even the little boys had a good time!! This was not just for girls. This was a great experience and the princess even brought goodie bags!"











"Sorcha had a brilliant time - she was so surprised, but played it very cool, "Oh, hello Rapunzel. Nice to see you at my party!" The other girls were also thrilled. Rapunzel herself was very funny and patient with the girls (we had quite an age range from 4 to 9, so some very more giggly and impatient than others), and really focused on each girl. We were pleased with the crafts, activities, and extra goodies - and happy to take a princess kit for our missing friend. I won't need a refund for her portion as we felt getting the certificate and trinkets for her was part of the bargain. The whole package was very good value and we also offered a little extra to Rapunzel for taking extra time with all the activities. Many of the moms and dads who stayed were impressed as well, and asked about the service. I will happily post a review when I steal a moment - post-birthday recovery is a tough one! Thank you agan!"


"Elly was thrilled with her party! They had so much fun and I feel like I barely lifted a finger. The gift boxes were awesome too. You do an amazing job, we always love having you!"


"Elsa came to my daughter's birthday today. I have never seen my daughter's face light up like it did today. Elsa was so good with the kids. They had so much fun! Thanks so much for making my daughter's birthday so awesome!"


"We had Queen Elsa come surprise my daughter and her friends for her 6th birthday. They were speechless! My daughter was star struck. Elsa was amazing with her character as well as making sure each and every child was interacted with. We will absolutely be recommending her for all of our family and friends."




"Rapunzel made my daughter's party magical! She made sure to include every child while still making the birthday girl feel extra special. She was punctual, patient and attentive; we couldn't have asked for more. The present and personalized card was such a nice touch."


"This is the second party that my daughter Sarah has had with you and I am once again pleased at not only how organized the castle esthetician was but also how professional she portrayed herself throughout Sarah's party. Thank you once again, for making Sarah's birthday a memorable one not only for Sarah but also her friends."


"I wish I could give more stars. We just had Rapunzel come to visit and my birthday girl couldn't have been more happy. The princess keeps the girls engaged and smiling and rolls so well with the punches."


"Thank you very much for coming on Sunday. All of the girls had a blast. They loved the crafts and the princess training. Everything was very well done, and the girls were very sorry to see Rapunzel go. After Rapunzel left, the girls got into the cake and, as kids do, starting spinning a little, fighting a little. I reminded them all of their new statuses and their training. Had to laugh at how well that worked to stop the digging at each other!! Apparently, these girls appreciate their princess rank because their manners were impeccable after that. We appreciate everything you did yesterday and wish you nothing but success in the future."


"We were so impressed with Rapunzel! She really made sure to make my daughter feel special for her birthday. There were lots of fun activities planned and SO much stuff sent home with the kids! We would recommend this to anyone in a heartbeat!"

-Anna Marie

"We had Elsa and Anna come to my eight year old niece's party and they were a huge hit! They took plenty of time to answer all the questions that were thrown at them, gave each child lots of attention, and made the birthday girl feel like a princess. I really liked how they pressed upon the importance of manners and values. I would highly recommend these wonderful ladies and will be sure to use them again."


"We had Rapunzel come to my daughters birthday for a private meet and greet and she was blown away! She was so shy, but that didn't stop Rapunzel from showing her a fabulous time and going above and beyond!! Can't wait until next year, thank you so much!"


"We had Elsa & Anna over yesterday for our kids' birthday party. Our 3yr old twin girls & 4yr old son all had a great time (including all their little friends). The ladies were on time, in character & just a lot of fun. The kids were captivated the entire time. The parents even had time to mingle, take photos & have a drink! So worth it! Would definitely do it again."


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