Frequently Asked Questions

Are the parties boy friendly?

Yes! While it is assumed the majority of the guests will be girls, and thus emphasis is put on creating a magical 'princess' experience, the 'princess lesson' and all activities & crafts can easily relate to little princes as well. Tattoos and color hair spray will be offered instead of the make-overs and 'prince' themed (candy) dress-up items will be given. Alternate certificates and treats will be presented during the coronation ceremony (in the Make Me a Princess package).



Will you travel outside of Edmonton?

Absolutely! We will travel far, far away (even to Red Deer!) However, a small travel fee will be added to off-set travel expenses/time.

 Parties in Sherwood Park, Fort Saskatchewan, St. Albert, Stony Plain, Spruce Grove, Beaumont, & Leduc will have a $20 travel fee/princess.

For all other parties located outside of city limits, there will be a $20/50km fee added per princess (distance is determined using Google Maps from our castle headquarters).


What do you accept for payment?

Preferred payment is an Interac E-Transfer. Unfortunately, at this time we cannot accept credit.

Can I book multiple princesses for the same party?

Absolutely! The cost to book an additional princess is $50 for any 'mini service', $85 for any 60 minute package and $100 for any 90 minute package. Both Elsa & Anna are included in "Frozen Ever After". A second princess is required for parties of 15 guests or more for any 90 minute package. 



Is gratuity included in the price?

No, gratuity is not included in the cost of the parties. However, clients are more than welcome to offer a tip to the princess if the experience exceeded their expectations. Please put the tip in an envelope and discreetly hand it to the princess as she departs.



When do you require the final RSVP count?

Please provide the final number of guests that will be attending to your Fairy Godmother no later than 48 hours prior to the party. This ensures ample time to prepare everything for your daughter's special day. Please be accurate with your count, as your princess will only bring enough supplies for the number of guests indicated/paid for.

*Names of guests are required for the 'Make Me a Princess' package.

 Am I able to personalize my party package at all?

Absolutely! We've created several magical & unique party packages to suit many personalities & budgets. However, since we are in the wish granting business, your Fairy Godmother would be more than happy to work with you to customize the perfect 'dream come true' for your daughter. Whether you want an intimate party or a grand ball, my princess team and I are here to grant your every wish. 

It says treat bags are included in the 'Make Me a Princess' package. What do they include? Do I need to add anything extra?

Yes, each princess will be given a little white pouch filled with 'essential princess items' during the coronation ceremony. We prefer to keep the items a surprise, but it is intended to be the treat bag. 

Some clients still choose to provide their own form of a goody bag, but it is not necessary. With the princess accessories, magic mirror, and fairy dust potion, most clients are very pleased with the amount of special treasures each guest gets to take home.

Themed treat bags are included in ALL 90 minute packages and may be added on to any package for $5 each.

If there will be younger guests at the party who won't be participating in the activities, there is the option of adding on special age appropriate treat bags for them, at $5 each. 

Do you require a deposit?

Yes, a non-refundable $100 deposit ($50 for mini services) is due at the time of booking to hold the requested party date & time. The remainder MUST be paid at least 48 hours before the party. 

Please note that parties are booked on a first come, first serve basis, and until your deposit has been received your requested date/time is still available to other clients. Therefore, we recommend putting down a deposit as soon as possible!



Is there a minimum age for the birthday girl or her guests?

Typically, children that are under 2 are too young to participate in the majority of the activities. If you're interested in having a princess visit for your daughter's first or second birthday, please contact your Fairy Godmother to personally plan an age appropriate party. 

If there are going to be toddlers at your party and you'd like them to participate, please include them in your number of guests, so your princess can bring enough supplies for them as well. However, we do expect parents to help assist younger guests as needed. We also offer treat bags for guests under 3 years old for $5 each. These are a great option for younger guests who won't participate in the activities but would love to receive something special from the princess.



Is there anything I need to have prepared before the princess arrives?

Your princess will come with everything needed for the party. All we ask is that you have a large, empty table for the guests to do their crafts on.

When is the best time during the party for me to schedule the princess to arrive?

From past experience, it is most magical if the princess' grand entrance be scheduled 30 minutes after all the guests arrive. It is best to have the children situated away from the front door, to ensure your princess isn't spotted walking up to the house.

 Prior to the princess' farewell, it is recommended to gather all the guests together to begin having snacks/cake. This ensures a 'magical' departure for the princess' as they disappear and provides a smooth transition into the remainder of the party.

Please note that the princess may be able to participate in the presentation of the cake and the singing of 'Happy Birthday' if time permits, or if you've pre-booked for her to stay for this portion.

1. What is the recommended number of guests for the 90 minute and "Frozen Ever After" packages? 2. Is there a fee for larger parties?

 1. Parties with around 6-10 children (per princess) seem to flow most smoothly. Depending on the number of children, there may be downtime for play or relaxation as other children receive their makeovers. If you are planning a party with more than 18 guests, please inquire about one of our 'Mini Service' options.

2. Parties with 8 guests or less (including the birthday princess) are a flat rate of $240 (excluding extras) for the standard 90 minute packages and $400 for the standard 120 minute 'Frozen Ever After" packages. Any additional guest is $8 on top of the predetermined rate.

90 Minute Packages - For parties with 12 guests or more, it is highly encouraged that you book a second princess to ensure each guest receives quality time and attention, and to prevent the princess from feeling rushed.

For parties with 15 guests or more, a second princess is required

1. What is the recommended number of guests for the 60 minute packages? 2. Is there a fee for larger parties?

Parties with 12 guests or less (including the birthday princess) are a flat rate of $200 (excluding extras) for all standard 60 minute packages.

Any additional guest is $5 on top of the predetermined rate.

While there is no limit as to how many guests can attend (within reason), there will be less time allotted for the other activities for larger parties, as the makeover portion will take up the majority of the 60 minutes. Depending on the number of children, there may be downtime for play or relaxation as other children receive their makeovers.

For parties with over 12 guests, while not mandatory, it is highly recommended to add-on an additional 30 minutes or a second princess. 

Fairy Godmother's 

Princess Team