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Frequently Asked Questions

Are your princess packages boy friendly?

Yes! We have done MANY successful parties with boys in attendance and we are often surprised by how engaged they are! All activities are gender neutral. Color hair spray and glitter will be offered as an alternative to the make-overs and 'prince' dress-up items will be given.

Still unsure? Our 'mini princess party' and 'sparkle tattoo' packages are always a safe bet if your guest list is predominately princes! 

We are also pleased to now offer two

Spider-Man packages!



Will you travel outside of Edmonton?

Absolutely! We will travel to kingdoms far, far away (even to Red Deer!) However, there will be additional travel fees for bookings outside of Edmonton city limits to cover the princess' travel expenses/time.

Please inquire early if you plan to book an out of town party/event. 

Can I book two princesses for the same party?

Of course! We encourage booking early if you'd like two princesses.

 The cost to book an additional princess is $80 for the Mini Princess Party, $90 for 'Sparkle Tattoos + Meet & Greet', $115 for any 60 minute package and $130 for any 90 minute package. Both Elsa & Anna are included in "Frozen Ever After", and two Unicorn Princesses are included in the "Unicorn Princess' package.

Booking a second princess, or adding on an additional 30 minutes, is strongly recommended for parties with 12 or more guests (or 8 or more guests for our Pamper Princess party), to ensure all package activities can be completed within the allotted time frame. While it is always our intention to complete all activities, it is up to the discretion of the princess at the time of the party to omit certain smaller activities (a story, game, etc) to account for time restraints as required. 



Is gratuity included in the price?

No, gratuity is not included in the cost of the parties. However, clients are more than welcome to offer a tip to the princess if the experience exceeded their expectations. Tips are also highly appropriate if your princess ends up staying past the alloted time. Please put the tip in an envelope and discreetly hand it to the princess as she departs.



When do you require the final guest count?

We will touch base the week of your booking to verify details and collect the final guest list (due 3-4 days before your party; depending on the package booked). This ensures ample time to prepare everything for your special day. 

Any other tips to make my party a success?

1. Please ensure all household pets are kept away from the princess.

2. Often, while we are entertaining a group of children, the adults are having a party of their own, and we are forced to talk (sometimes yell) over the crowd. While we love an audience, please remind adults to keep their background chatter to a minimum.

3. Please make sure your house temperature is lower than usual, so the princess remains cool and comfortable. Please keep temperature in mind if you are planning an outdoor party or event, and ensure a shaded, covered area is available. A backup, indoor location must be available in the event of a weather change, such as rain. 

Do you require a deposit?

Yes, a non-refundable $100 deposit ($50 for the Mini Princess Party package) is due at the time of booking to hold the requested party date & time. The remaining balance is due 48 hours before the party. We will send a reminder the week of the party, as well.

Please note that parties are booked on a first come, first serve basis, and we often receive several inquiries each day! Once availability has been confirmed, the booking will be held for up to 24 hours before being released to another Royal. Therefore, we recommend putting down your deposit as soon as possible!



Is there a minimum age for the birthday child or their guests?

Typically, children under 3 are too young to participate in the majority of the activities. If you're interested in having a princess visit for your child's first or second birthday, please contact your Fairy Godmother to personally plan an age appropriate party. A mini princess party is also a good option for younger Royal's, as is it less structured and includes activities appropriate for all ages.

If there are going to be toddlers at your party and you'd like them to participate, please include them in your number of guests, so your princess can bring enough supplies for them as well. However, we do expect parents to help assist younger guests as needed and step in if a child is preventing the party from running smoothly. 



Is there anything I need to have prepared before the princess arrives?

Your princess will come with everything needed for the party (minus any place settings and 'tea' for our Royal Tea Party package). All we ask is that you provide a large, empty table (protected by a table cloth) for the guests to do their activities on, and some open space for our Spider-Man package.

When is the best time during the party for me to schedule the princess to arrive?

It is recommended to schedule the princess' grand entrance 30 minutes after the guest have arrive. This ensures everyone is there when the princess arrives and she is able to begin her program without delay. Please have the guests situated away from the front door/front windows during the princesses arrival & departure, to preserve the magic.

 Prior to the princess' farewell, it is recommended to gather all the guests together to begin having snacks/cake*. This ensures a 'magical' departure for the princess' as they disappear and provides a smooth transition into the remainder of the party. We also recommend having the princess leave 15 minutes before the guests get picked up, to ensure a swift exit for the princess without the potential for a traffic jam.

*Please note that the princess may be able to participate in the presentation of the cake and the singing of 'Happy Birthday' if time permits, or if you've pre-booked for her to stay for this portion.

 Am I able to personalize my party package at all?

Absolutely! We've created several magical & unique party packages to suit many themed & budgets. However, since we are in the wish granting business, the Fairy Godmother would be more than happy to work with you to customize your perfect party. Whether you want a one on one princess playdate, an intimate tea party, or a grand ball, we are here to grant your every wish. 

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