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Bibbity Boppity Boo!

We'll Send a Royal Princess to You


At Fairy Godmother's Princess Team we believe in quality over quantity. Our team is smaller and princess options are more refined to make certain you only receive the highest standard. We invest in core princess and package upkeep & upgrades. All princesses are authentic and receive extensive princess training prior to becoming part of our highly prestige team to ensure you always receive the most magical experience possible.

Your wish is my command! Count on me, your Fairy Godmother, to create a magical birthday experience for your little girl that is truly fit for a princess! With a little help from my Princess Team, one (or two) of my princesses will make a royal journey from the castle right to your front door. With magical packages to choose from, your little princess' dreams are sure to come true. 

Be sure to check out our new COVID friendly options, including magic mirror chats, princess mail, present drop offs, contactless social distanced visits, drive-by parades, and Tea Party in a Box kits.

We also host a social distancing mini series! Stay tuned to our social media accounts for information on all our events!


Take a look at the services offered, and when you're ready to create your 'happily ever after', your Fairy Godmother is just a click away.


All packages include a special gift &

handwritten card

for the birthday princess!


Disclaimer: It is not the intention of this company to

violate any copyright laws. We are not, and do not claim

to be, affiliated with any commercially known and

copyright characters.


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